Meg Weed Scape Artist

The poster for this show reads: the inspiration for this work began about 15 years ago. I started sketching and taking photos of cranes, trucks and earth moving vehicles. As an architect I had access to some construction sites but found I had a selection of views living in the Fort Point neighborhood.

However, the more complex history behind this work started much longer ago. I grew up 50 miles north of “The Motor City” (Detroit, MI). The first car I owned was a ’56 Lincoln. It was a tank on the outside and a living room on the inside. I loved driving it as well as my second car - a ‘66 Mustang. It wasn’t as roomy but it had a V8 under the hood. I liked the power.

Another childhood love was drawing and later painting. When I moved to Boston in my early 20’s I gave up my car and my paints to study architecture. Architecture became yet another love; this time of 3 dimensional space.

The road to becoming a registered architect is a long one. When I finally finished my thesis at the Boston Architectural Center (now College) I found something was missing; it was my painting. I realized I had to have it back in my life. So instead of taking night classes in architecture I started taking art classes, artist workshops and artist vacations (see resume).

One workshop (I took twice) at the Decordova with Ati Johansen (daughter of Walter Gropius). Her Bauhaus influenced exercises taught me to see and be able to mix all of the colors in-between the primary colors.
Meanwhile, as I became a more experienced architect I spent some time in the field and over the past 9 years observed 2 large structures being built into hillsides. The process is amazing! Big holes have to be dug, earth needs to be supported, steel is erected or concrete poured. It’s heavy physical stuff. And while I know that it’s the people in the field who get the work done – I believe, even they will admit they can’t do the work without their construction vehicles – cranes, trucks and earth movers. I like portraying these objects for others to see as I do.

I hope the viewer can feel the grit and earthiness of the building site; the strength of the machines at work or resting and get a sense of the beauty of seeing a structure progress from thoughts on paper to a skeleton with a body and skin.

The process of this show has helped me bring my loves together. I think I may want to operate one of these vehicles in my next life – meanwhile, I’ll keep painting them.




1967 – 1969

Participated in ‘Famous Artist’ correspondence course for ‘Talented Young People’
Westport, CT (While living in Armada, Michigan, age 15-17)

1970 – 1973

Attended Macomb County Community College for ‘Graphics & Commercial Art’
Warren, MI

1971 – 1973

Worked as a silkscreen artist for Sportswear Printing Co., Armada, MI

Summer 1972

Sketched portraits on the boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ

1973 – 1974

Attended architectural drafting classes at New England School of Art, Boston, MA

1974 – 1981

Attended Boston Architectural College; obtained BA Degree, Boston, MA

1987 – 1988

Attended ‘Portrait Drawing and Life Painting’ classes at CCAE, Cambridge, MA

Summer 1987

Attended ART NEW ENGLAND ‘Life Painting’ class with James Aponovich,
Bennington, VT

Spring 1988

Attended ‘Landscape Painting’ class with Alvin Oulett,
Monserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA

1989 – 1991

‘Independent Study’ – Brickbottom Studios, Sommerville, MA
Group Show & Open Studios – Spring 1991
Group Show – Fall 1991

Summer 1992

One month ‘Independent Study’, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT

Summer 1995

One week ‘Independent Study’, Monheagan Island, ME

1992 – 1995

‘Independent Study’ – Central Street Studios, Sommerville. MA
Open Studios – Winter 1992
Open Studios – Winter 1993
Open Studios – Winter 1994

Fall 1995

Moved to live/work space in ‘The Artist Building at 300 Summer Street’- Studio #41
Joined the Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC), Boston, MA

Spring 1999

Participated in 2 weekend intensive workshops on ‘Color Theory’ by Ati Johansen
& 2000 Decordova Museum School, Lincoln, MA

Summer 1999

Participated in 3 (one-week long) ‘Plein-air workshops’ with Betty Tompkins
2003 & 2004 Peterborough, NH

Fall 2008

Attended 3 day ‘Painting Workshop’ with Cynthia Packard
Provincetown, MA

1996 – Present

‘Independent Study’ at The Artist Building at 300 Summer Street, participated in:
FPAC Open Studio & Group Show For:
Fall 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2007 & 2009